Growing Succulents: 10 Hardy Plants for Your Home or Garden

Gemmill Homes | 17/07/2015 2:13:41 PM

Do you have a garden patch that you’re unsure what to do with? Or are you looking for a plant that would look spectacular in a pot? Succulents just may be your answer. Despite the persisting myth that succulents are difficult to grow, there are varieties that are actually quite hardy and put on a stunning display.

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Which backyard paving material is best for you?

Gemmill Homes | 8/07/2015 5:09:54 PM

The type of paving chosen for your newly landscaped backyard can change the entire feel of the finished space. The wrong paving can create an imbalance or just look wrong, while the right paving can enhance the overall design of your garden. With the wide range of materials available, finding the right type of paver for your garden design is just a matter of research and careful planning.

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