The Process

Gemmill Projects is the unit development division within Gemmill, specialising in developing and constructing units from single house behind houses, to duplexes and onto multi-residential developments. Our staff are all specialists in their individual fields ranging from design through to assisting in the feasibility of your project.

The process can be discussed in depth with one of our Project Development Consultants, but to assist you in understanding the process the steps are outlined briefly below:

STEP 1 - FREE: Site Assessment

Our Project Development Consultants will assess your land and organise
a site survey and engineers report if it is necessary. All this can be arranged
for a small fee to determine your exact requirements.

STEP 2 - FREE: Concept Preparation

We can propose a sketch reflecting discussions that have been held with
our Project Development Consultants and a sketch catering to the market demographic of the particular area your block is located in.

STEP 3 - FREE: Quotation Preparation

To give you an accurate idea of your project, our estimating department factor in all specifics to make your costs as accurate as possible. Our aim is to make sure you are fully aware of what is involved so that there
are no surprises further down the track.

STEP 4 - Preparation of Plans Agreement

Is signed If you are happy with our service, costs and plans, then our Project Development Consultants will sign a Preparation of Plans Agreementwith you and request a small fee for the work that is about to be carried out.This will be taken off the contract value if we enter into a building contract.

STEP 5 - Planning (development application)

Depending on local authority you will require a development approval, it is
at this stage that we will submit to the local authority for approval.

STEP 6 - Contractual drawings are completed

After planning approval has been received we will complete your working
drawings. Contract is finalised – once contractual drawings have been completed we will then proceed finalising your building contract. Our Project Development Consultants will be in contact with you to explain the contract so that you are aware of what is involved and if there are any special conditions to note.

STEP 7 - Building permit submission and approval 

At this stage we will apply to your local authority for a building permit.

STEP 8 - Colour and prestart meeting is finalised 

One of our interior designers will complete your colour selections at the colour meeting, when this has been completed a prestart meeting will take place and our Contracts Administrator will finalise your documentation with you.

STEP 9 - Scheduling has commenced 

During this stage we will be sending copies of your plans to our suppliers, and we will be preparing orders for all the materials and labour that go towards constructing your project.

STEP 10 - Construction has commenced 

Now that we are in construction, and have commenced on site, your home will be looked after by our experienced and professional Site Manager. Our Site Managers are all supported by our Building Manager. They will provide complete peace of mind and ensure that your development will be built on time and to the highest quality.

STEP 11 - Handover

Once construction has reached practical completion the Site Manager will meet you on site for a site inspection of the works carried out and will take you through our practical completion inspection process.

Whether you plan to sell, rent or live in your new development we assure you that you will find the best service and have complete peace of mind when choosing to build with Gemmill Projects.

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