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8 Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas

April 24, 2016

You spend a huge amount of time in the bedroom. Whether you’re sleeping, reading, browsing the web, or whatever else you choose to do in the privacy of your own space (no judgement here), you’re going to be looking at your surroundings for a lot of accumulated time. If that’s the case, it may as well stand out.

Even if you’re not planning to entertain guests, it should be good for your own sake.

To that end, we’re giving a couple of top-of-the-line creative bedroom designs for you to hopefully draw some inspiration from next time you’re redesigning your own space.

1. Soft light

Image via Home Improvement Pages

A bedroom should, first and foremost, be about comfort.

You should always stick to lighter, softer colours in the bedroom. In the same way that you don’t want to have a computer or TV screen on while you sleep, you don’t want a garish red bedspread distracting you when you’re trying to catch 40 winks.

This spread uses soft blues and greys against a white backdrop, but also allows a sea breeze to waft through the house with open glass blocker windows. Note also the texturing on the bed; a mix of flurry, smooth and velvety, and coarse fabric really bring it out as the centrepiece of the room.

Not everyone has a house at the beach, it’s true, but they’re good ideas nonetheless.

2. Rusticity

Image via Decorextra

This reclaimed wood cabin sports its very design as a feature wall. A fairly simple space, a burnished chandelier and dressing mirror add elements of elegance to the room, transforming it from a logger’s lodge to a country estate.

For those of us without the wood cabin part, this can easily be reproduced with a reclaimed wood facade covering, or faux wood wallpaper or boarding on the back.

3. Sleep contained

Image via Contemporist

Dielle bring us an all-in-one bedroom for any budding minimalists out there. This bed sports a chest of drawers, walk-in (technically) wardrobe, shelving, storage rack, and they’ve even managed to find time to fit in the bed itself!

This particular bedroom is aware of its design — something to keep track of in your own ideas — and understands that it’s a minimalist piece. There are splashes of colour, but they’re very controlled and in burst for the eye. It’ll save you space, if nothing else.

4. Luscious red

Image via Wall Art Prints

I know what we just said about soft colours, but for some the goal isn’t quite so much falling asleep as getting to bed. If you’re inspired by that line of thinking, this sensuous display of red and black evokes dark chocolate and crimson wine.

This plays with contrast, providing a striking image when seeing it for the first time. If it wasn’t for the colour, it could have been plucked straight from Film Noir.

5. The pad

Image via Urban Outfitters

Not everything has to exude opulence and bleed mahogany. Sometimes a bedroom is a place you want to hang out. Maybe sleep, maybe just chill for a while.

As a bit of a more natural look, great pains have been taken to make it look like no great pains have been taken. There’s carefully placed hangers, both natural (plants) and unnatural (dreamcatcher, light fixture, and bags). The bedspread is immaculate, grounding the eye and providing a focal point away from the multitude of stuff hanging around, and the pictures feature just enough blank space and wall to know that they’re set up with a rhyme and reason.

Just goes to show, it takes a lot of work to look like you haven’t had any work done.

6. The traditional

Image via The Budget Decorator

Originally featured as part of a ‘Romantic Bedroom on a Budget’ series, this uses lengths of gauze on eye-hooks to make a simple four corner bed, a simple but effective use of multiple light sources, and a hell of a lot of Wedding White to turn a simple, modern bedroom onto a lovers retreat.

It’s simple, effective and cheap. A particularly easy one to take advice from, if you’re in the mood for this kind of look in your life.

7. Attic hideaway

Image via Anthropologie

You can practically taste the texturing in this bedroom. Between the faux-fur rug, the fluffy stool, the coarse wooded tiling, smoother wooden floors, tough sofas, soft duvet, and wooly blankets, you have a cornucopia of touch and sensation that looks as great as it feels.

In order to give it a homegrown feel, they’ve also installed a string of simple lights as backlit reading lights at night, framed by the window.

8. Kooky

Image via Casa.com.br

A double room that plays with colours in perfectly organised squares. Colours within colours, all contrasting against a white feature wall with a fairly simple bed.  Simple yet effective pastels with a flowery overlay.

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