23 Kitchen and Bathroom Essentials

There are some obvious essentials that every house cannot function without – toilet paper and coffee are indispensible in this particular house! But there are some things that people often don’t think about buying for the kitchen and bathroom that should be on a list somewhere. You know those things, you don’t know you need them until you go to use them and find that they’re not there.

Whether they’re gizmos, gadgets, essential basics, or practical items, here’s a list that every homeowner should consider if they want to be well stocked and organised.

For the kitchen

1. Proper cooking equipment – this include mixing bowls, scales, trays, baking implements, measuring cups, and spoon measures. Having the proper cooking implements to start with is a great timesaver in every kitchen.

2. Every kitchen needs an oven thermometer! But don’t settle for a boring old-school one – the new range of food thermometers can be hooked up to any smart device for immediate and accurate readings. The bonus is that you can even get cooking tips and advice within the apps!

3. A food processor or whizzy stick – if you can’t afford an expensive food processor, at least get a hand held whizzy stick. They’re invaluable in the kitchen, especially when you have small children.

4. If you find yourself regularly standing at the stove stirring pots, treat yourself to a self stirring whisk! Once you’ve made the change you’ll never go back.

5. Extra virgin olive oil – Besides the health benefits, this should be a staple in every kitchen simply due to its multitude of uses, from salad dressings to cakes, baking, and frying.

6. If you’re a time-poor chef, consider investing in a good range of microwavable containers. These days there have been amazing breakthroughs in microwaves cooking technology, so that you’re no longer restricted to old, simple designs.

7. Fresh ingredients need to be stored in proper airtight containers to get the maximum life out of them. There are a huge range of storage container options that cover everything from dry goods, veggies, deli products, herbs, and everything in between. Save yourself money in the long run by storing your food right.

8. Every kitchen needs a well organised pantry for storage – or at least enough cupboard space to keep things organised and neat.

9. Create a shelf specifically for your cookbooks – they’re more likely to be used if they are somewhere easily accessible.

10. If you do cook something specialised regularly, make sure you invest in proper kit or equipment. This includes things such as macaron and cake pop kits, chocolate melting pots, ice cream, or bread makers – whatever it is you do, do it right.

In the bathroom

11. Every bathroom needs a rubbish bin or wastepaper basket. Where else are the empty toilet rolls gonna go?

12. Don’t forget hand towels. There’s nothing worse than walking out of a bathroom with wet handprints on the front of your jeans from where you had to dry them.

13. A soap dispenser is so much tidier and healthier than leaving a bar of soap lying on the sink. Germs can be left sitting on the bar, waiting to latch on to the next set of hands. Reduce the spread of germs and keep your sink clear!

14. Every bathroom needs wall hooks to hang clothes and clean towels. Heavy duty suction hooks are available as a removable alternative if permanent hooks aren’t an option. There is also a wide range of over-the-door removable racks that hook over the top of any standard door frame.

15. An exhaust fan – good suction in the bathroom is essential to prevent damp, mildew, and mold from growing. Plus there’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower when you can’t see the walls for steam.

16. Good fluffy bath mats may seem like a luxury, but they’re also an effective way to reduce the chance of accidents happening on wet floors.

17. Clever storage is also an essential feature of every bathroom. You need to be able to access towels and other toiletries without fuss.

18. A mirror – do not forget a well-lit full length mirror, or at least one that is angled as such to show the waist up. If natural light isn’t any good, a couple of strategically placed down lights should fix the issue.

For both rooms

19. Use fixtures that are appropriate to the style of the room – elegant, detailed fixtures would look out of place in a modern room. Think about the finer details and what type of feel you want the room to have before you actually buy anything.

20. If you have a dark space with very little natural light, consider getting skylights if possible. This idea can also be used in bathrooms to let in more natural light.

21. If skylights aren’t an option, a cheaper method is to have lights installed in the bottom of overhead cabinets. Being able to see properly while you’re cooking is just one of those ‘must haves’.

22. Try to include an artwork somewhere, either as a pop of colour or to create a feature. Art is always a great talking point no matter where it’s hung.

23. Every house needs a box of tissues, preferably one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Because you never know when the sneezes are going to hit.