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Gemmill Group does exclusive deal with hedROOM Interiors

February 11, 2015

hedROOM Interiors is a Perth-based interior design company which, since 1996, has been working closely with the local residential home building industry.

hedROOM offers a range of services from one-on-one colour selection meetings for residential home buyers, to a complete interior design service for multi-level unit developments.

The company’s personalised colour selection service is exclusive to the Gemmill Homes Group and is offered to all clients who purchase a Gemmill or Goodlife home.

Said hedROOM’s managing director, Hedy Legg, “Working with Goodlife Homes’ clients to help them achieve the best possible result for their new home is the part of our work we enjoy the most.  Our design team can remove much of the stress from the building process by assisting in the selection of all colours, textures and finishes for the home, inside and out.”

The hedROOM interior design service is free to all who buy a new home from Gemmill Homes or Goodlife Homes.

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