Growing your own food comes with a host of benefits; you can create a certain level of self sufficiency when it comes to feeding your family, and at the same time enjoy healthier, fresher ingredients.

Knowing that you are contributing to a more sustainable planet is also a nice feeling, and the cost savings when it comes to growing your own produce can also be significant over time.

Gardening is not always an easy prospect, and it takes knowledge and experience to really succeed for some people. However the beauty is that you can create an edible garden almost anywhere! Whether you live in an apartment in the city or an acreage in the country, there are plenty of options for you to grow your own edible garden. So, how to get started?


The first step on your way to your very own edible garden is to do some proper research and ask a nursery nearby what grows well in your general area and climate. It’s also important to know how long certain seeds will take to grow, so you can plan out a schedule.

Determining where to locate your edible garden is also important, as factors such as sunlight, ambient climate, and soil will all affect the growth of your seedlings. If planting indoors, scope out the sunniest spots for your plants, and if creating an outdoor garden, find a spot with plenty of sunlight and good soil.


The easiest way to get started with your own edible garden is to begin with herbs. These can be planted in pots and kept on window sills, so they make an excellent starting point and can be very useful as most cooking requires the use of herbs.

You can either start with seeds or purchase a starter plant from a nursery. Starter plants will obviously be quicker to yield results but seeds are much more cost effective, particularly if you’re planting a few crops.


A flourishing garden requires care and attention, so planning your watering schedule is the first step towards creating good habits. When planting an outdoor garden, consider using a raised bed if you find that you don’t have the right quality soil. This will help ensure that your garden is growing in an appropriate environment, and can even make it easier to tend to.


Gardening can be a long term exercise, requiring the formation of good habits and discipline. The best way to continue being motivated to maintain your garden and get real benefit out of it is to ensure that you plant things you actually want to eat. This will give you the determination to succeed and the satisfaction of being able to enjoy what you’ve grown.

As your gardening skills improve you may find yourself growing more varieties of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The key when starting your own edible garden is to take the time to learn, start small, and remain disciplined. Patience and good habits are the keys to eventually have a self sustaining garden that you and your family can enjoy for years.