Here at Gemmil, we’re all about creativity and adding interest to spaces, so of course we see novel wall art as a great way to express yourself through your home’s decor! Wall art lets you add a splash of colour to blank walls and create a talking point as well as leave a true stamp of individuality. Another great thing about wall art is that it often encourages a DIY spirit, making a wall art project a great excuse to dust off your paints and dig out your craft kit. There are a lot of design ideas to choose from out there, from the gauche to the subtle and the tried and true to the completely unique. If you’ve been considering wall art for your walls, check out our favourites for some ideas and inspiration.

So without further ado… we present the winners of the Gemmil Homes Awards to the Best in Creative Wall Art!

Best Wallpaper

We love Zsazsa Bellagio’s framed wallpaper pieces. They can add interest to your space without overcrowding the area. We chose this piece as we hope it inspires others to create the same at home. There are so many possibilities, whether you want to create a power clash effect or coordinate with different designs.

Blank walls can be revived with a bit of pattern and a vivid boost. Hit the stores or online to find your desired print, or even make your own! You can go full pattern with an all-wall wrap in your rooms. This works especially well in larger rooms or spaces with high ceilings. If your room is a little on the petite side and you’re not sure if the space will be able to handle the pattern, a wallpapered feature wall adds interest too.

Most Creative Framed Wall Art

Luna See has created something gorgeous and green, and something truly original for a framed wall art piece. The use of succulent plants brings new life to this old picture frame. We love the contrast between the fresh new leaves and the flaking paint. These plants require minimal effort to maintain, needing only a little sunlight and some spritzes of water to be happy. That makes this piece a good one for both indoor and outdoor settings!

Award for Best Use of Everyday Objects

We love wall art pieces that make use of materials you wouldn’t usually associate with classic art. Not just because they shed a new light on items you might not see in a design light, but because often these pieces are easily recreated at home. It’s nice to not need to head to the hardware store sometimes!

Double HCB win this round for their geometric piece made from coffee stirrers.

Award for the Most Touchable Texture

Congratulations to the dream, create blog for making this extremely textured piece. Add some fairy-world whimsy to your wall, with a texture so interesting you just want to run your hands through it.

This wall of paper flowers looks like it could be a fun group crafternoon activity on rainy days. Dream, create have gone for a classic white effect, but you could make your flowers with coloured or patterned tissue paper to make it your own. Rosebuds, waterlilies and dahlias were the flowers of choice in this installation, but pick your favourites for a personalised touch.

Best Mirror

Welcome to Heardmont win this round for their sunburst mirror. This gilded, geometric piece adds a real statement to any wall.

It may look uber expensive, but it was created with just a cheap mirror and barbecue skewers. A fiddly and somewhat time consuming job for sure, but who’s complaining when you can create this awesome piece yourself at home?

Award for Best Use of Paper

This piece of origami art by Design Sponge gives some cool fractal dimensions to your walls. The interlocked paper adds some great geometric texture and gives you lots of opportunities to add depth via colours.

While you may think that origami is a complicated process, this modular origami artwork was formed by interlocking simple unit pieces. This means that if you want to do it yourself, it’s easy for all levels of artistry - even kids can enjoy this as a fun project!

Living Green

Beers n Beans win this round for a gorgeous living wall piece that can be created in under a day. This is a great way to add some lush greens and a fresh organic decor to your home. This wall art piece would work especially well in a stark urban home with a lot of concrete, but plants look pretty in any environment. If it’s going in the kitchen, you could also consider creating a herb pallet for easy access organic herbs.

Unexpected High Art Award

Sakir Gokcebag has hands down created some of the best wall art from an unlikely everyday object. These toilet paper sculptures have such elegant lines you’d have to look twice to realise they’re constructed from the humble loo roll! It’s good to know you can stack, hang, arrange, and drape toilet roll paper for a gorgeous effect

Best Yarn Art Award

This brass ring number by The Merrythought adds some gorgeous geometry to walls. It’s comparatively easy to make when looking at other yarn projects, so unleash your nanna skills and create a cool modern piece! We’re a fan of the texture that yarn brings to these wall pieces. They are also very enjoyable to make, with the methodical handiwork being super relaxing at the same time!

Impressive Pen Art Award

Doodlers Anonymous have a great suggestion for a novelty wall art piece that utilises super awesome drawing skills. These sprawling patterns add a maze-like intricacy to your walls that is hard to look away from. But take heed, this one is not for the design challenged! It’s best to only have a go if you have existing drawing skills, but it’s still a good excuse to get out a sketch pad and practice making some art for yourself. Alternatively, you can have a designer sketch the outlines and complete the colouring in yourself.

Best Colour Art

What a cool concept! These 500 coloured pencils suspended in Perspex, by definition, add colour to a space. They’re also sure to grab the attention of your house guests. Arrange them in a multi-coloured jumble or create colour orders that add a cool or warm feeling to the room - the choice is yours!


Best Found Wall Art Pieces

A Pop of Pretty prove that sometimes you don’t need to lift a finger to create gorgeous eye-catching pieces of art - sometimes you just stumble upon them! This installation of patterned plates looks great and requires minimal craftwork.

Next time you’re in an antique store or op shop, go and have a look at the crockery section. You never know what you’ll find in that section that could complement your home’s decor. You can go for a colour scheme that complements the room, or a power clash such as this one. Either way, they’re simple to hang and will create a real talking point amongst your guests.

Best Freebie Wall Art

Ish & Chi prove that you don’t have to be limited by a budget to make an amazing wall art creation. Seeing these paint samples look a million bucks makes it hard to believe that hardware stores give them out for free! We love the way that Ish & Chi have created a colour scheme that almost blends together but adds a splash of contrast for interest. This is a super cheap DIY project to try at home - hopefully the staff down at your local paint store won’t be suspicious when you don’t buy any paint!

Simple Yet Effective Wall Art Award

We’re wild about this use of tape! Using just a roll of black electrical tape, this pattern of plus signs lets you put in a fast and easy feature wall. Use a ruler or tape measure to ensure even spacing to best emulate this look.


Digitally Inspired Décor Award

This project lets you print out your favourite social media snap and frame it in Instagram’s signature circle. Print out your favourite Instagram and display it in the sphere. This is a great twist on hanging photos, and lets you choose the best and most artistic from social media to reflect your personality in your décor.


With all this great wall art inspiration it's simply a matter of choosing the right home to decorate.

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