Speaker 1: Well forget the old paper blueprints, new technology is hitting the market to help take the pain and cost out of building a house. It gives customers the chance to walk through their dream home before brick’s even been laid.

Speaker 2: It’s our bedroom. It’s our bed. There’s my en suite.

Grace Fitzgibbon: It looks like a virtual reality game but this Perth couple is actually walking through their new home before it’s even built.

Speaker 2: Make it a little bit bigger, so even if it came out to about here.

Grace Fitzgibbon: These tripods called trees, communicate with lasers in the room. Letting home builders move walls, doors, and even furniture.

Speaker 4: Actually be able to wander around the rooms and go, “Okay right so this is how it would be with the bed in.” You could re-arrange it this way and actually knowing before its built.

Grace Fitzgibbon: The technology brings full size floor plans to life, giving builders the freedom to choose and change whatever they like in 3D.

Speaker 2: At least this way I can say “Yup, I love it. This is exactly what we want.”

Grace Fitzgibbon: An Australian first, the software by CADwalk is currently being trialled by Perth’s Gemmill Homes.

Craig Gemmill: We’re just at the start of this technology and I think it’s a real game changer. So, in the past we put display homes out there in every subdivision. I don’t think we’re going to need as many display homes now, cause we can bring clients homes to life in this arena.

Grace Fitzgibbon: And the company says it’s not just about getting what you want. It could also save you money in the long run. The process isn’t cheap. Users will get one session free through Gemmill but beyond that they’ll pay around $1500 for an hour. Developers say the price will come down as its popularity grows. But high tech isn’t only helping us design our homes. It’s also changing the way we live inside them.

Grace Fitzgibbon: Our Smart Home take up is soaring. Last year the Australian industries market revenue was more than $800 million. By next year that’s predicted to jump by almost 25%. Automation and voice activation are the major products including Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Now they can even turn on your appliances.

Speaker 6: Ben Neil demonstrated Alexa “Shower on.”

Alexa: Okay.

Grace Fitzgibbon: Experts say the next step is to make existing gadgets more reliable and then wifi systems that can be hardwired into your home. Grace Fitzgibbon 9 News.